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THE Expo is New Zealand’s only all-encompassing transport and heavy equipment showcase, offering visitors and exhibitors alike the opportunity to engage with industry representatives and view the latest technologies in the sector.

THE Expo is spread across almost 50,000m2 of dedicated event space, featuring impressive exhibition, dedicated demonstration zones and world-class facilities. If technology and higher output is your thing, or you’ve a passion for big, heavy machinery, THE Expo is where you want to be.

THE Expo offers FREE entry to the event for industry individuals with registration open from Dec 01st. Located at Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton New Zealand, block it out in your calendar for the 2nd 3rd and 4th of March 2017. WrightZone will be there demonstrating the very latest in Scale Management Software; Site 16 in the Marquee.

Users will set up transport costs primarily being the cost rate (per tonne or unit of measure set) in which the profit centre will pay transport sub contractors (or their own fleet) to transport product to Profit Centre Customer destinations.

Good scale management software offers users transactional data visibly and control over each Customer; their Orders; Price book combinations and From location, To destination transport Supplier(s) Profit Centre Cost.

Planning (Pre-Entry) means forecasting which means materials requirement planning (MRP). As Pre-Entry transactions (forward orders) are recorded (and optionally) Scheduled in the system by Month, Week, Day and/or Hour they are reflected in your Scale Management Software, Resource Time Grid.

A simple graphical interface that gives a visual account of resource deployment with Drag and Drop capability.

Weighing, controlling, and monitoring logs between the forest and the sawmill must be accurate, efficient and simple. Manned and unmanned touch screen capability allows truck drivers or operators to quickly enter the information they need before entering the profit centre.

Workflow Management under WrightZone Weighbridge delivers Pre-Entry (Forward Order) cost and price Planning Management purposelessly designed for informed, manufacturing (product production,) profit centre decisions.

The largest sector of the tradable economy in New Zealand. Loader Scale, Hopper Scale, and/or Weighbridge Scale via tablet or touch is not yet the standard for the Agriculture industry alas our Scale Solution makes for having such capability; easy.

Expect, high performance, continual uptime, systems integration, fast and efficient Scale entry and exit weigh processing, with an unparalleled feature rich user interface.

Businesses employing heavy machinery require a Business Software Management tool for both Customer and Supplier. Transport companies are often sub contractors employed by the profit centre to transport product to, profit centre customers.

Our Scale Management Software Solution provides users with unrivalled insights that deliver opportunities for improvement and real-time Supplier:

  • Transaction counts & Tonnage.
  • Net total and Average Cost.
  • Scheduling by Hour, Day, Week, Month.
Quarry & Mining Software Solution

Our Loader Scale and/or Weighbridge Scale, software solution, is fully loaded with global visibility by profit centre and scale delivering quarry management the capability to quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

Its about the quarry and mining owners existing operations without conversion. Complete Entry weigh and Exit weigh successfully via POS (Point of Sale) or touch screen and/or Loader Scale Tablet and/or manned, unmanned WrightZone Weighbridge Software.

Scale Management Software, Weighbridge and/or Loader Scale System Solutions:

T.H.E (Transport and Heavy Equipment) Expo, Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton, NZ.

Look for the Orange Men on Site 16 in the Marquee, say Hello, and enjoy the experience of a commercial software solution for the weighing industry.

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