Introducing BHL Feeds, based in New Plymouth, Taranaki, a company that specialises in the delivery of nutritional liquid and dry feeds for New Zealand’s dry stock.

With vast experience and continual research and development orginating in the 1990’s, BHL Feeds is about higher production and long-term outcomes for their customers and their livestock. Offering innovative blends for liquid and dry feeds they produce results; ensuring livestock have vitality in health. Commonly customised to the individual needs of client farm and stock conditions. Needless to say, not only do they produce but they deliver as well, concluding a one stop shop for agriculture industry.

Brett Mascull, Managing Director tasked us with two ‘simple’ objectives;


Accurate Inventory Management, and

Paperless Operations

The Stock Feed Software & Solution

Step One – API (Application Interface) Creation;

Introducing CIN7Sync, a bi-directional API made by WrightZone.

  • Import Customer and Materials data from thier incumbent CIN7 Inventory Management Software into WZWeigh on click. 
  • Import Sales Orders including (BOM) Bill of Materials data into WZWeigh as Pre-Entry Transactions, on click.
  • Export transport loaded data back into CIN7 (including BOM quantites) as Sales Order Delivered (picked or packed) quantities.

Step Two – Sales Order Processing;

  • With the export of CIN7 Sales Orders as Pre-Entry transactions, Dispatch are offered the ability to plan and schedule these orders to (commonly) BHL Transport vehicles, by pick-up date and time, under WZWeigh.
  • WZWeigh Pre-Entry transactions are Live data in WZLoad. WZLoad is tablet touch-to-load technology, plugged into loader scales offering Operators digital instruction on the estimated time of pick-up, the material (including blend requirements.) with all accompanying Target Weights (or Ordered Quantity,) Customer and Sales Order/Job information.
  • Operators confirm ‘Ready’ when the blend has been prepared which is colour coded to all users, in all applications. Once the vehicle arrives its loaded as per loader certified scales, net weights. In turn, processes the Pre-Entry transaction through to completion with Dispatch Docket production and Delivered Quantities.
  • Administration Users (under WZWeigh,) see all vehicles loaded (Waiting, In Progress and Complete😉 where on click quantities are exported, updating the CIN7 Sales Order status to Dispatched, ready for invoicing.

WZWeigh, WZLoad & WZBulk.

WZBulk is WrightZone’s transport and logitsics solution, (all inclusive).

BHL Feeds use WZBulk for digital instruction for truck drivers. Touch to Load Technology on a tablet. Dispatch schedule jobs to vehicles for i.e Molasses deliveries, while under BHL’s Transport division; Vehicle Hire, per time or per tonne as client requirements dictate, coupled with API invoice export into Xero is summarised as, “advantagous”.

BHL chose Subscription Licencing under WZWeigh in May 2021 with WZWeigh Live from July 2021.

We welcome BHL Feeds to the WrightZone.

We commissioned WrightZone to implement a paper free system which meant bi-directional digital communication between our loader operators, truck drivers and Office Staff.

WrightZone have delivered. They listened; understood our needs and have been able to curve well rounded corners in developing WZWeigh to suit our operational needs. Support has been excellent and therefore we have no hesitation in recommending WrightZone and their WZWeigh software.

Brett Mascull

Managing Director, BHL Feeds