Covid-19 has delivered a new era in business. Under Level 4 lockdown, those hardest hit were passenger airlines, media, lodging, retail and restaurants, with these industries without reprieve under Level 3. On the other side of the coin, supermarket chains, packaging, pharmaceuticals, farming, telecommunications and waste management survive; relatively unscathed.

Aaron Wright-St Clair, founder and director of WrightZone International comments “Sectors reliant on trade and the free movement of people, are the most exposed. Under level 3, 400,000 employees, or ‘those that cannot work from home’, returned to work. Industries of ‘low exposure’ that we support indirectly; being construction, mining and materials, equipment and transportation, need to adopt new technologies today. Like anything, there is an investment but the investment is no longer about growth, in the short term it’s about survival.”

Contactless is the new buzz word, offering safety. By default, construction, mining and transportation is relatively social-less, so implementing distancing has not burdened these businesses. However, doing it smarter using technology means taking the survival road, through to one of success.

“We released WZWeigh V7 in February 2020 offering the automated scheduling and emailed distribution of Microsoft Excel reports with grouped, filtered and sorted payload data on an hourly, daily, weekly basis; by Vehicle, Hauler, Customer, Supplier, Material or Job combinations. We didn’t expect an overwhelming and immediate uptake. The same is true for the automated emailing of dockets in PDF format, via the same separated or in combination dimensions. COVID-19 and its requirements for contactless on our clients, has driven this demand as essential.”

“As a technology solutions provider for the weighing industry our role is one of employing, creating and distributing technology so to create client advantage and business benefit” Aaron says.

“Development expenses and costs didn’t and will never stop for us as a company in the same way a premises lease or loan will not pause or procrastinate for our clients.”

“We’ve updated the user interface of our applications offering Windows 10 familiarity and introduced a range of new functionality like Category invoice line imports, for our Xero API, a Google search for Grid content and month to date, snapshot percentage visuals, for Customer and Materials datasets. We’re excited to be delivering technology based on our clients feedback.

This, alongside the launch of the website”

Production of a 2D video is underway with their largest investment; the release of WZWeigh from your App and Google Play stores. Offering vehicle drivers the ability to create initially a Pre-Entry transaction into WZWeigh Client databases.

A Pre-Entry transaction is a plan, digital instruction for pick-up. Vehicle drivers select a Profit Centre (or pick-up site); Customer and Job detail (or creates’ one) with Material selection from inside the app. This exists as a transaction (or today’s demand) for weighbridge and/or loader operators to select from, using our touch-to-load technology. Once loaded or gross weighed, the docket is automatically emailed in PDF with the contactless load, complete.

“We’re estimating 6-8 weeks, from being beta ready and although a sizable investment in technology – Smart, safe and social-less technology is the road we’re taking, the one beyond survival” says Aaron.

If you would like to partake in the WZWeigh App trial as a vehicle driver or weighing industry profit centre, site owner, please register your interest here.

From us all at WrightZone, we wish you and your staff a safe transition into Level 1 with continued well-being during this time. With good business acumen our companies will resolve to recover. Covid-19, an experience and curve, on our road to success.