We are excited to annouce the V8 release of WZWeigh all inclusive of weighbridges, loader scales, logic controllers, cameras and of course, traffic and/or transport; true software management. WZWeigh is a powerful and dynamic software management solution servicing a plythora of weighing industries, from stock feed and waste management through to quarrying, forestry and agricultral contracting.

Committed to continuous improvement we enjoy delivering the unique and exciting with each point zero (8.0.x.x) and point five (8.5.x.x) versioning release of our software. The V8 version of WZWeigh maintains this consistency with multiple Units of Measure (UOM) inclusion; including conversion, per material, per profit centre (entity, division) and transport service.



The Problem

  • We buy in cube and sell in tonne between profit centres (entities/divisions).

  • We charge for tolls, call-outs, per pallet, per bin; single (or whole) unit, units of measure.

  • We sell in tonne with clients ordering and reporting requirements to be in cubic metre and/or vice versa.

  • We buy and sell materials including transport charges per bale, per drum, per litre, per kilometres travelled and more, units of measure.

  • We mix chemicals and spread per Hectare UOM. 

  • We sell/manufacture in tonne and need to Price List Quote in tonne and cubic metre combined.

    The UOM Solution

    • User-defined units of measure including conversion per material, per profit centre (entity, division).

    • Transport Service Charges as per ‘material’ units of measure complimented with transport Ancillary Charges (of i.e. tolls, per pallet, per bin, per kilometre) being a different unit of measure and additional service charge. 

    • Advanced Pricing allowing transport to be assigned multiple UOM per vehicle configuration, within the one price book. For the more complex jobs consisting of i.e. tonne, cubic metre, time and other UOM  billing schedules combined.   

    • Price List Quoting functionality optionally takes into account UOM conversion rates. Driven from Advanced Pricing Price books and designed to deliver; per customer annual price increases and/or per job quote(s) in bulk simultaneously.

        UOM Setup

        Concrete Sand AP5 – Cube Setup with Tonne Conversion under BCD.

        UOM Setup

        Concrete Sand AP5 – Tonne Setup with Cube Conversion under STU.

        Price List Quoting

        List Vs Special Price

        Tonne with Cubic Metre Conversion

        Weighbridge Load Out

        Weighbridge Load In

        Loader Scales Load Out

        Transport Tonne Supply & Deliver

        Transport Machinery Hire

        Transport Cube Supply & Deliver

        Transport Ancillary Charges


        • API’S – Intergration to Business Central referred to as BC in short. A cloud based Microsoft ERP (accounting) app built on the foundations of MS Dynamics.
        • QR Code docket production ready. Once printed at the quarry the QR code is scanned by vehicle operators at the concrete plant which then drives digital instruction of where and what bin to unload materials into.
        • Set as Material – Taylored for transport operations. Permits transport service charges to be exported as the sole transport material/service, within the invoice line. Designed to provide a second transport/machine hourly or daily machine hire, time and/or any UOM billing configuration. Its primary benefit is having the ‘transport’ service being described (and exported) as the item within the invoice line optionally following through to general ledger account posting, in external systems.
        • Weighbridge communications enhancements. Summarsing serial and ethernet combined cabling connections to the one weighbridge terminal. Offers business critial operations redundancy should either of these cables fail.
        • UOM functionality applies to WZBulk/Load (mobile) applications offering transport operators (mainly) the unit of measure with which to record the quantities against each load.
        • Within WZBulk/Load Transport Ancillary Charges have expanded from six to twenty products/materials being available for operator selection. With three touches on the tablet ancillary activities include;
          • Adding Toll Road charges to transport pick-up or delivery.
          • Adding per Pallet or per Bin charges for unloading.
          • Adding a clean-concrete tip-off charge to a time job.
          • Adding an additional material and load to any running job.
          • Adding a mix of spraying materials to any running job.
          • And any other ancillary charge.
          • WZBulk/Load Transport (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller enhancements. Compatibility with both Micrologix and Allen Bradley brands with capability for gate and traffic light controls from inside transport or loader Operator cabs.

          • Employee Time Tracking – An adaptation of our existing transport time billing that see’s employees Clock In and Clock Out with a few touches on tablet. Functionality extends to Break start and finish time capture with the auto-emailing of hours incurred to the payroll clerk at the end of each week.   

            While there is weighbridge software and transport management software as commonly unrelated seperate peices of software. WZWeigh delivers the benefit of  weighbridge and transport management into one cohesive systems’ software and solution. We can divisionalise core operations into smaller more specific and manageable operational groups then report; (materials and/or transport, cost and price, inlcuding full stock-on-hand management) as consolidated; across multiple locations now complimented, with units of measure including conversion. WZWeigh is much more than most expect.