Quarrymen and Contractors, H.G. Leach is welcomed to the WrightZone.


For more than 60 years, H.G. Leach & Co. has been part of the fabric of the Thames Valley region. From small beginnings founded by Harry Leach in 1948 the company has grown and expanded to being one of the most successful quarrying and contracting businesses’ of New Zealand today. With services of contract crushing, general earthworks, effluent spreading and transport to compliment their Matatoki, Waitawheta and Tahuna quarrying operations brothers, Graham and Warwick Leach along with their families, now head the well heeled family business.

How did the realtionship start? 

We caught-up with Mark Baillie (COO) and Ricky Leach at the 2019 QuarryNZ Conference in Invercargill. Demonstrating our WZLoad wares we suggested a Trial with Mark commenting “as we have just recently spent $20,000 on a loader scale that has proven unsuccessful with our loader driver refusing to use it, this could be the solution to our problem.”

What were the Trial objectives?

Removal of handwritten dockets for their Tirohia Sales Yard. A fairly simple objective in the WZWeigh scheme of things alas Mark knew the task at hand was more than software, tablets and technology the true challenge was usability and user buy-in. Would the team adopt or embrace the change or would it see a mountain that couldn’t be moved?

What was involved?     

As with any new project and undertaking we started with business analysis and assessment, learning how H.G. Leach & Co. operates, the systems and instrumentation they had in place and just how we would go about bringing their people, incumbant systems and providers, into one cohesive, WZWeigh business software application.

While we had their IT providers assessing the availability of a wireless quarry we extracted Customer, Supplier; List, Advanced and Contract Product pricing from one system with Vehicle and Hauler data from another. With the wireless quarry cost prohibitive we elected for a Loader antenna and 3/4G AirCard offering WZLoad WiFi (tablet) connectivity back to the WZWeigh the database across a wide area network. The exciting part, although cellphone reception was lost in parts of the yard the tablet remained securely connected and online.

And the Result?

History, with the Tirohia Sales Yard Live on the 01st December and Tahuna planned for the 01st Feburary 2020.

It remains a pleasure and privledge working with the team at H.G. Leach & Co. We look forward to increased objectives and expected outcomes for our software and solutions in the months ahead and wish the team a very Merry Christmas and happy, 2020 New Year.

I can complete a tablet docket in a nano-second when compared to the manual dockets where I had to write the customer code, product code, net weight….

Way better and quite enjoyable. This, from a non technical person, I’ll remind you. Once you have selected the vehicle and if they’re on-run, its’ just so easy.

Peter Mcmillan

Tirohia Loader Driver, H.G. Leach & Co.