WrightZone International Ltd. is excited to announce that our

WZ Weighbridge software has won Industry Era’s

10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2018

WrightZone’s core strength is the combination of client software development and committed consulting in their, WrightZone Weighbridge (WZWB) software. Our consultants work directly with our clients to understand their business and unique needs, so that we can provide solutions, with confidence in your results and not ours.

This accolade from Industry Era offering recognition of WrightZone’s enterprise solution and technology that can play a key part in redefining the business goals of organisations, is awarded to our bold team in having worked tirelessly always remaining committed.

A very special thanks of appreciation to our existing clients whom make everything possible! With over 1000 end-users we’ll continue to provide more features, function and releases; offering business efficiencies that increases, business profitability in saving time and money.


“We take the time to learn about our client’s business operations and their measures of success, to tailor solutions.”

Aaron Wright-St Clair


One shining example of our ability to adapt and provide tailored solutions is with our client, Frews Contracting Ltd. With whom we welcomed this year. WZ helped Frews to streamline their two main quarries and Supply Yard in providing a configurable solution that gives Frews “a single cohesive system” for all quarry operations.

Damien Provis Frews Contracting Ltd

WrightZone Weighbridge Software takes hard out of business operations in providing automation and integration with redundancy out-of-the-box. Its a non-modular, all inclusive product offering the full  Multi-Site, Multi-Location Scale Management Software Suite.




Customer/Debtor Management | Supplier/Creditor Management

Job Costing/Order Management 

Location Stock-On Hand Management | Inventory Price and Costing Management

Logistics and Jobbing, Planning and Scheduling | Production and Demand Forecasting

Weighbridge Scales | Loader Scales | Programmable Logic Controller | POS Weigh


Scale Management Software

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