We are excited to announce WrightZone International has been awarded Top 10 Most Disruptive Companies 2019 by Beyond Exclamation. First impression, this cannot be a good thing right? You’re wrong. Responsibility for innovation that creates a new market and value network replacing established market leaders, firms and products is the exact definition of a disruptive company.

As Jack Ross, Managing Editor of Beyond Exclamation describes “that might be the dictionary meaning however if we think about the vastness of the creativity, knowledge and passion to replace an already established market, it might just leave us speechless. Gauging the industry, knowing the market techniques and comprehending the risks are just what these (Most Disruptive) companies have mastered and have made an impact beyond excellence.

From the WrightZone perspective yes, we offer our clients innovation and technology and in doing so have created a market that didn’t and doesn’t otherwise exist but we are not replacing market leaders and products we’re integrating them. Connecting the bespoke or disparate and bringing all this valuable data into one cohesive software application, being WZWeigh.

All businesses have operations’ preferences and preferred suppliers. From the brand of scales, loaders, machinery through to the current accounting system and change, is neither overnight nor is it easy. WrightZone endeavors to work with you, understanding these preferences especially those that are irrevocable being your accounting software potentially. Our technology and business proposition is our software, we specialise in software and services on software; we don’t manufacture, sell or distribute hardware whether it’s computers, tablets, weighbridges or loader scales hence your preferred supplier and market leader will also be ours.  Our advantage and innovation includes establishing  bi-directional communication between supplier devices and machinery, business processes and people in real-time; regardless of the terrain or working environment.