Weighbridge Software


Weighbridge Software

Weighed and Measured to Scale.

WZWeigh, a technologically superior turnkey solution for the mining, metals, quarrying, waste and agricultural weighing industries.

Speed and performance with continual uptime is complimented with (API) applications interfacing and deep analytical reporting so to deliver finger tip business operational controls at lightning speeds. Feature rich, user friendly and operator intuitive weighbridge software that is  highly configurable and customisable for a diverse range of weighing industries.

sampled weighbridge sites and software 

Brookby Quarries
Ward Demolition
Frews Contracting
Longburn Shingle Co
Ward Quarries
Smythes Quarries

At a glance…

  • Materials Management;
    • Multiple units of measure inlcuding conversion (i.e. tonnes to metres cubed and vice versa).
    • Stock-On-Hand (sales versus production or purchasing) Location Management.
    • Production and Demand Scheduling, Planning and Forecasting.
    • Price and Costing by Location.
    • Advanced/Special Pricing.
    • Customer Default price books.

  • Transport Management;
    • Your own fleet or subcontractor planning and scheduling of Vehicles, Haulers, Jobs and Materials; their pick-up locations and delivery destinations.
    • Price and Cost by Tonne, Cube even Time and more, units of measure.
    • Resource Consent compliance monitoring and reporting.
  • Multi-site and operations ready.

  • Camera (ANPR) Automated Number Plate Recognition with optional traffic light and gate controls.

  • Weighbridge and Loader Scales interopability with live digital communication between both.

  • In-built API’s for exporting invoices into external systems of Xero, Myob, Cin7, Business Central and more.

  • Built on a Grid Reporting Engine offering real-time, dynamic and user-defined ‘on the fly’ reporting that is accompanied with eReporting for the automated scheduling and emailing of cutomer, supplier and management; end of day, week, month, Excel reports.

  • Highly configurable to a vast range of industry with POSWeigh and WZBulk/Load applications all inclusive.

At a glance…

  • Finalise the Weighbridge Software Solution for your operations and the fastest Return on Investment because it’s all inclusive, without Modules or Add-On based charges.
    • Weighbridge Scales, with or without.
    • Loader Scales connectivity and capability, with or without.
    • POS Weigh, Truck Scale unattended solutions, with or without.
    • Scale Plug & Play with your existing hardware, or new.

  • Affordable enterprise level functions and features.

  • Time means money; take full advantage of the Pre-Entry toolset to plan orders and jobs that produce material requirement planning demand and therefore materials forecasting.
  • Record demand and create your transport and logistics schedule for pick-up so to avoid bottlenecks and optimise delivery to capacity.

  • Real-time, dynamic and user-defined ‘on the fly’ custom reporting delivering efficient and streamlined business, operations management.

The Obvious:

In Software:

  • Contact and Customer Management.
  • Materials Management (Cost and Price).
  • Advanced Pricing – Materials and Transport.
  • Forecasting – Production and Demand; per load and/or in bulk.
  • Traffic and Transport Management – Planning and Scheduling.
  • Manned and Unmanned Operations.
  • Camera, Gate, Radio Frequency and Logic Controller Automation.
  • Multi-site and weighbrigde connectivity.
  • Loader Scales interopability and connectivity.

In Reporting & Invoicing:

  • Automated (pdf) emailing of dockets to multiple parties simultaneously. 
  • eReporting – Automated and scheduled emailing of MSExcel spreadsheets to multiple parties. 
  • Grid Engine Reporting offering, sort, filter, find, group, merged group and custom grouping, user-defined; drag and drop dynamic reporting.
  • Cash Sales docket production.
  • Invoice production and export (via API) to multiple external accounting systems.

In Loading, Security and Compliance:

  • Tare, Gross and Target Weights with Resource Consent monitoring and preemptive user notifications. 
  • Split-Load, Compartment, Semi-Truck and Trailer, single and multi-weighbridge loading configurations.
  • Advanced Security – User access controls and full transaction tracability with Auditing.
  • Cloud and Local seperated or combined multi-master database configurations.
  • Continous uptime with automated fail-over.
  • Capital or Subscription Licencing. 

The WZWeigh Difference:

Our Committed Consulting. We provide the highest-level of support throughout the software implementation strategy, ensuring you get the best software with the easiest onboarding process. Our success is measured only by the quality of our professional service.

“The level of support from WrightZone to date has been exemplary.”
John Shea CFO Kaipara Quarries.


Familiar and Flexible MS Office® Inspired User Interface.

Our WZWeigh software delivers a familiar MS Windows® based environment with Bookmarks and Action Bars, Big and Bright Buttons, Pop Outs and choice of User-Skins. Designed to ensure a usability experience that is familiar and highly functional. Combined with award winning Components; databsase application speed and performance, WZWeigh will exceed your every expectation.

New Zealand Owned, Manufactured and Supported.

Features Sample:

  • Traffic light color coding and traffic management;
    • Pre-Entry is Get Ready. Plan and Schedule traffic throughput. 
    • Go is Entry Weigh vehicle is Onsite (awaiting loading).
    • Stop is Exit Weigh (loaded) – Tare, Gross and Net Weights.
    • Traffic Loading Management between Entry Weigh and Exit Weigh (user-defined and Live) reporting includes; Waiting, In-Progress and Completed statuses with WZLoad (loader scales software).
    • Traffic Light, Gates and number plate recognition camera; API’s.
  • Guided Action Bars and Buttons offering cause and effect and therefore, User instruction.
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory Menu’s and Grid Reporting.
  • Design, tailor even schedule your own Grid Reporting, views and outputs.
  • Interoperability with MS Office applications.
  • Clean, decluttered Windows offering transaction visibility of what you and your team are doing simultaneously.
  • Teamwork operations planning coordination and efficiency.
  • Create a record once and it’s instantly available to process, enquire upon or Action by the Team.
  • Comprehensive Online Manual with Feature/Function explanation including Process, User Hints and Tips.


Weighbridge Software

The Transactions Grid

Weighbridge Software


Bridging the Gap Between What Is and What You Want.

Custom Groups provide easily accessible and necessary commanding functionality to categorise and group master files and/or transactions for instant analysis and intelligence reporting.

Key Features:
  • Custom Groups can be defined as a user-defined reporting and analytics toolset.
  • Group master file data of Customers Materials and more including transactions by dimension or classification for  seriously easy and deep analytical reporting.
  • Custom Groups is complimented by WZWeigh‘s Grid Reporting Engine offering grouping, merged grouping, filtering, sorting and find functionality.

Custom Groups Setup

Custom Groups

Custom Groups Grid Reporting

Custom Groups Report


Software is the language of automation.

eReporting is the WZWeigh term for the automated scheduling of MS Excel reports via email. Built on a Grid Reporting Engine  offering the flexibility to group, merged group and custom group data via drag and drop Users design thier own reports for anybody; with Grid Profile Edit offering the save, update and of course email scheduling of such reports.

Key Features:
  • MS Outlook inspired calander and scheduler offering ease and fimilarity.
  • Reporting of transactional data by current or past daily, weekly or monthly periods complimented with a range of fimilar Outlook styled and functional recurrence pattern options.
  • Interopability between the Grid Engine Reports and thier scheduled reporting events.
  • Ease of access to schedule multiple reports simultaneously and/or Update the reporting outputs of a report that is currently scheduled.

Grid Profile User-defined/Templated Reports


Grid Profile Report, Scheduling


Bridging the Gap Between What Is and What You Want.
Custom Groups provides easily accessible and necessary commanding functionality to categorize and group master files and/or transactions for instant analysis and intelligence reporting.
Key Features:
  • Singular and Multi-Profit Centre Custom Group, analysis.
  • Multi-Custom Group, Type selection, within one Reporting Grid.
  • Master File and transactions dimensionally grouped and merged group; seriously, easy analysis.
  • Delivered globally hence available to all users for ‘on-the fly’ selection and Reporting Grid analysis.
  • User-defined grouping analysis on Pop out Selection.
Weighbridge Software Custom Groups


Your Protection is our Priority. Business-Critical Operations Are Secured with Multi-Master Database Replication and Redundancy.
Wieghbridge Software Multi Database WrightZone icon
No Machine, No Major!
Hot Backups are scheduled up to 3 times per day for single site operations. For the enterprise customer, the de-centralised architecture means updates to copies of a database can be maintained even if one of the computers in the network ceases to function.
Weighbridge Software Multi Master WrightZone icon
No Internet, No Issues!

Internet dependency can be a fools game for remote locations hence a choice of cloud and local databases combined are set with the local database defaulted to Primary and the cloud as Secondary (live fail-over, backup) connection options. 

Weighbridge Software Multi User WrightZone icon
No Scale, No Surprises!
Enterprise or Single site operations employing the Weighbidge Scale and Loader Scales solution can revert to the Loader Scales net weight on weighbridge scale maintenance or downtime for continued dispatch docket production and vice versa.


A Weighed Investment That You Cannot Afford to Be Without.
Simultaneously protect the confidentiality of your sensitive data while providing users with enough functional access to perform their roles within your business quickly and smartly.

Sample Features:

  • Confidential and sensitive information remains secure with per user, access and priviledge settings. 
  • Audit Management tracks and compares the what was and what is of User transactional Edits including  Price book modification(s).
WrightZone Weighbridge Application Security

Per User, Access Privilege Sample:

  • Multi-company; entity or site and Locations access.
  • Auditing, Period Summary, Accounts Receivable, Forecasting, Resourcing, Price Books and more Reporting Grids.
  • Transport Planning and Scheduling and/or eReporting scheduling access.
  • Create and modify Transport (fleet or subcontractor) Delivery cost and price data.
  • Create and/or modify materials (by location) purchasing or production costs and/or sales, recommended retail pricing data. 
  • Create and modify Price Books.
  • MS Excel®
  • WZ Excel
  • PDF
  • Email
  • XML, CSV and more. 


Committed Consulting.
Have a question? Ready to get started? Give us call +649-834-8340 or send us an email to [email protected].
Key Features:
  • New Zealand owned, operated and manufactured.
  • No one is more qualified to satisfy and support your business software solution, other than the product manufacturer.
  • Casual and Contract Helpdesk (SLA) Service Level Agreements readily available.
  • Maintenance Agreements:
    1. Continual release of new software innovations that save you time and money by creating business efficiency,
    2. Custom Development opportunities that deliver a competitive business edge and advantage,
    3. And Compatibility with new technologies and operating systems as they are introduced.


Customer Support

Application Interfaces – Custom Development

All Custom Development becomes a part of the standard WZWeigh product suite offered as tick box and therefore choice of inclusion and use to the greater WZWeigh community. We’ll team up with your choice of accounting software specialists, resellers, and industry-specific technology partners; scale manufacturers and distributors from New Zealand and abroad. Our API’s are custom developed for you with our product road map and greater community business benefit always in mind.


Business ERP / Accounting Software API’s

Our Accounting Software API’s allows you to take advantage of the accounting application you already know and use every day.

WZWeigh facilitates three methods of integration and interoperability with which to export transactions; Scheduled, Manual (button click) and Live.

WZWeigh is one of only a handful of products that permits simultaneous and concurrent API connections. Examples include per Profit Centre (under WZWeigh) to different Xero companies or different accounting applications such as Xero and CIN7 combined. Myob, Xero, CIN7, (BC) Microsoft Business Central are the more common API’s but inlcude a library of some 80 accounting software industry connectors.  


Custom API

Our experience includes Custom API’s ensuring what was bespoke or standalone yet defined as business critical is retained to form part of your requirements and 360 business solution.

Sampled, common database and language connectors include:


Hardware API’s

While weighbridges and loader scales are typically a serial cabled connection to WZWeigh and WZLoad, hardware API’s are used for Boom Gates, Automatic Barriers, Traffic Lights and Camera Systems which often include (PLC) programmable logic controller interfacing.  

Exiting H-API’s include across the WZWeigh suite of products include: 

  • Micrologix and Allen Bradely branded PLC’s for gate and traffic light controls. 
  • Axis and ARH branded (ANPR) Automated Number Plate Recognition cameras for automated (and secure) vehicle Pre-Entry, Entry and Exit Weigh processing.
  • Axis IP Cameras for quality control and security of materials loading or unloading with automated photo capture and tracking per transaction.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) works in the same way ANPR cameras do offering automated (and secure) vehicle Pre-Entry, Entry and Exit Weigh processing. 

API’s a B2B Strategy

There are many different types of API’s used to provide users with a broad range of services ranging from security management, protocol management, data mapping, and other related functions. API solutions can benefit an organisation in providing start to end, visibility and control of business operations. Such control improves interactions with partners and customers, increases responsiveness to business change and enables new market opportunities.



WZWEIGH Enterprise
Metrology Software




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