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Loader Scales and Loader Scale Software


All inlcusive under WZWeigh; WZLoad is WrightZone’s loader scales and/or weighbridge software management solution for commercial weighing industries.

WZLoad plugs and plays into all weighbridges and leading loader scale distributors and manufacturers.  Automated Licence Plate Reconigition (ANPR) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for traffic light and gate controls all feature.

Commercially released in 2017 offering tablet touch-to-load technology WZLoad 

  • Delivers the fastest, friendly and most efficient way of loading vehicles for operators.
  • Delivers unparalleled and unrivaled digital communication between the scale house and loader operators.
  • Delivers diversification in configuration with complete visibility of traffic flow including loading status management of site operations.
  • Delivers a 100% guarantee of operator satisifcation.


I can complete a tablet docket in a nano-second when compared to the manual dockets where I had to write the customer code, product code, net weight….

Way better and quite enjoyable. This, from a non technical person, I’ll remind you. Once you have selected the vehicle and if they’re on-run, its’ just so easy.

Peter Mcmillan

Operator, HG Leach & Co Ltd

At a glance…

  • Intergrated (ANPR) Automated Licence Plate Recognition for ARH and AXIS branded cameras and most IP Cameras, for Entry or Exit Weigh materials snapshot.

  • Intergrated (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller for Allen Bradley and Micrologix brands offering flow metre, lights and gate controls.

  • Intergrated invoicing. Invoice directly off the loader with WZWeigh’s accounting API’s into Xero, Myob, Cin7, Business Central and more.

  • Digital communication between the scale house, unmanned transport entry and loader operators.

  • Cabled connectivity to all weighbridges and leading loader scale, scales. Is without an operator learning curve because WZLoad connects to your existing loader scales hardware.

  • In-Cab Management;
    • Adding new vehicles functionality.
    • Weighbridge Entry and Exit Weigh processing,
    • Door and traffic light controls.

  • Manage production and demand. Full materials and stock location management with operators following the same easy process for loading in as out. Includes simultaneous running jobs and loading functionality.

  • Touch-to-Load technology.

  • WZLoad works across industry and enviroments as:
    • Loader Scales Software.
    • Quarry Management Software.
    • Traffic Flow Software.
    • Contractor Management Software.
    • Unmanned Outdoor transport Entry and Exit Weighing with, or without a weighbridge.
    • Unmanned Indoor self-serving Entry and Exit kiosk.
    • Time Clock Software. Sign-In & Out (including BreakTime).

  • Feature rich:
    • Cash Sales docket production.
    • Easily customised from Grid Views to Big Buttons access and labels.
    • On and Offline capability with Vehicle, Job, Destination and Notes creation.
    • Transaction and tare weight recall with overloaded, net to target weight variances and stop credit, operator notifications.

  • Reporting & Analytics:
    • Tonnes per hour. Per bucket, per load per hour.
    • Transport Wait, Load and Onsite Duration Analytics.
    • Vehicles Waiting, In Progress and Loaded Status Management.
    • Weighbridge versus loader or controller and Target, to Net Weight Analytics.
    • Production average costs and sales revenue.



WZLoad is the mobile counterpart of WZWeigh. Loader Scales are plugged into a tablet and commonly but optionally, connected to the internet.  Loader Scales Software consists of two main operator steps:

  1. New Entry Weigh – Operators view, select and edit recalled transactional data per vehicle, for Onsite save.
    • Operators skip 1. with manned weighbridges, plate recognition cameras or unmanned self-service transport entry. 
  2. Onsite – The WZLoad load screen, auto opened connected to the loader scales has Operators adding buckets and clearing load totals (completing transactions) from the physical scale.
    • Operators skipping 1. touch once, one of the mutiple Onsite (transactions) vehicles with buckets added and loads completed using the loader scales. 

WZLoad is highly configurable in working for transport waste, agricultral, stockfeed, demolition and quarrying, weighing industries hence optional, operations’ steps include that of:

  1. Pre-Entry being before New Entry and Onsite processing respectively and,
  2. New Exit Weigh, being after New Entry and Onsite processes or,
    • Exit Weigh Only being New Entry, Onsite and Exit Weigh steps combined. A simple and single Step.




Pre-Entry is a future transaction (to be loaded, unloaded, processed,) under all WZ applications consisting of tentative or confirmed statuses. Pre-Entry transactions are created by; 

Stepped (or processed) to being Onsite by;

  • Plate Recognition Cameras or,
  • Unmanned WZLoad or POSWeigh operators, or
  • WZWeigh Weighbridge or Dispatch Users.

New Exit Weigh is docket and invoice production with Customer net or quantity, on-account or cash sale values. Optionally automated and commonly skipped for Onsite loader operators who print and/or auto-email on load completion. 

Stepped from Onsite to Exit Weigh with: 

  • Plate Recognition Cameras or,
  • Unmanned indoor or outdoor WZLoad or POSWeigh applications or,
  • WZWeigh Weighbridge or Dispatch Users.

Exit Weigh Only  recalls the vehicles’ last transaction including tare weight. Vehicles typically enter the site loaded summarising New Entry, Onsite, and Exit Weigh steps being completed as a single step. Docket and invoice production (subject to site configuration requirements) is achieved with:

  • Plate Recognition Cameras or,
  • Unmanned indoor or outdoor WZLoad or POSWeigh applications  or,
  • WZWeigh Weighbridge and Dispatch Users. 





WZLoad Loader Scales Software Testimonials

An Ounce of Gold will not buy you an Inch of Time.


At my end, I can see everything as it happens – I can see when trucks are waiting. I can see the quantities coming and going – pretty much everything the quarries are doing from a transaction level, in real time. Having everything on one cohesive system is great – it just makes it all simpler.


I can complete a tablet docket in a nano-second when compared to the manual dockets where I had to write the customer code, product code, net weight…. Way better and quite enjoyable. This, from a non technical person, I’ll remind you. Once you have selected the vehicle and if they’re on-run, its’ just so easy.


Manually, was us for over 10 years. In literally a fortnight with ease, we have transformed the business with processing, loading and invoicing to being dynamic and digital under WZWeigh.


Collaboration and teamwork is the foundation of our business. Our concience and respect for the environment ensures a low carbon footprint in being able to back-load aggregate from Ward Quarry.


Able to curve well rounded corners in developing WZWeigh to suit our operational needs. Support has been excellent and therefore we have no hesitation in recommending WrightZone and their WZWeigh software.

The Tablet & Loader scales Operator

Key Features:

  • Online real-time digital communication (with or without a weighbridge) from:
    • WZLoad and POSWeigh  applications being an unmanned vehicle Entry Weigh toolset, summarising on-screen touch-to-load, vehicle customer and materials demand. Or,
    • WZWeigh. A commercial software solution for weighing industries.
  • A User Interface (UI) that is Big Buttoned simple. Designed by operators for operators.
    • Testimonial(s)  appoved by Loader Operators 65 years plus.
  • Loader scales  (and/or optionally weighbridge) agnostic with autonomus configurations:
    • Touch-to-load once with Onsite vehicles and all else completed by your existing loader scales or,
    • Touch-to-load planned Pre-Entry vehicles to being Onsite and loaded or,
    • Touch-to-load new vehicle Entry Weigh to Onsite and loaded or,
    • Touch-to-unload when Onsite or,
    • Touch base and we’ll guarantee a touch-to-load or touch-to-unload Operator satisfaction and user friendly experience.
  • Touch-to-load visibility of:
    • Vehicles onsite and location materials demand.
    • Vehicles total tonnage and count completion.
    • Vehicle entry time stamps and therefore, priority loading.
    • Running performance net weights to target weight loading.
    • Running loader versus weighbridge, net weight, scales calibration.
  • Status management and tracking of Waiting, In Progress, and Completed.
  • Five Security, six Search, seven Scale and thitreen Transaction Settings; catering to all manor of operator and site requirements.
Key Features:

Loader Scales SoftwareWhile Online is always of preference it can be impossible. Sites impeded by remote location(s) and therefore zero or intermittent internet connectivity can choose to (button) work Offline.

WZLoad delivers successful unimpeded offline operations. Dockets (including Cash Sale, with tax inlcusive or exclusive total values) always print. Customer jobs/orders, delivery detail and more, including easy operator Notes creation is all available offlline. Automated transaction syncing that resolves to invoice production under WZWeigh, continues with online connectivity restoration.

Loader Scales SoftwareReady forms part of the Pre-Entry toolset with today’s and tommorrow’s Operator viewing of Bill of Material (BOM) mixes; commonly applicable within the agricultural industry.

Pre-Entry is a future transaction with a date and an optionally a scheduled time stamp. On touch-to-load WZLoad provides the BOM recipe and individual quantites, with Ready (button) confirming (with colour coding) recipe or mix completition for all WZ operators, applications.

 Loader Scales SoftwareSync delivers online synchronisation between individual operators and all WZ applications. Either offline and then online or vice versa the Sync (button) is delivered in three modes: 

  •  Automated – Self detection and therefore on and offline automated behaviour.
  • Self Sync – Automated operator notification of WZ recommended syncing with operator timing and choice.
  • Manual Sync –  Operator optional (button) choice. Commonly chosen for sites with very high traffic volumes with the operators role – to load. Supported by syncronisation options of at Start-up and/or Shut-down only.
  • Trucks are weighed 3 times ensuring accuracy.
  • Redundancy on scale maintenance and/or outages.
  • The Scale House communicates to the Loader Driver and vice versa in a clear and concise manner eliminating error.
  • With demand, there is no confusion on delivery.

It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.


There are no speed limits on the road to success.





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