Tablet Transport Software

Tablet Transport Software

Tablet Transport Software

Plan, Schedule and dispatch your fleet with ease, automation and payload visibility.

All inlcusive under WZWeigh; WZBulk is WrightZone’s transport software and solution for fleet owners and operators.  Dispatch plans and schedules the pick-up and delivery detail while transport operators, employing our touch-to-load technology, are real-time ready to follow digital instruction. WZBulk is driver front facing tablet technology with transport time (including breaks), per tonne, per cubic metre, per payload rate and more, invoicing ready.

At a glance…

Dispatch Operations:

  • MSOutlook inspired scheduling by date and time with full drag and drop capability offering a visual time line of all events that form your transport plan.

  • Tonne, time, cubic metre, fixed price, layered and split load capability with target weights, CMO and/or Release Number;  driver instruction.

  • Transport only, material only and/or in combination transport cost and price management. Includes Advanced Pricing, Volume Pricing and per vehicle configuration, transport and/or material combinations.

  • Copy and paste jobs, create and schedule transport recurrences; edit transactional detail whether on route or after the fact and so much more.

  • One transaction with multiple per load delivery time stamps; supplier docket and net weight break-down reporting.

Transport Operators:

  • Paper weighbills, text messaging even RT radio chatter is removed, replaced with big buttons, touch-to-load technology and Dispatch digital instruction.

  • Ancillary charges capability of i.e. tolls and call-outs.  Time billing with non-chargable break-time reporting. Google Maps intergration with photo capture and sync of supplier dockets. Offline and online successful operations.

  • Unlimited simultaneous running jobs per vehicle operator. Any running job can be paused for any reason. An operator doesnt have to complete a job before starting another.

  • Daily tonnage and time totals across jobs. Onscreen multi-docket visbility for end of day driver reconcillation (if applicable) to manual weighbills – Common when transitioning between old and new systems.

At a glance…

  • Global visibility of vehicles onsite, waiting and where they are waiting.

  • Global visibility of stationery and in progress loaders.

  • Loader Scale Tablet Views are customisable.

  • Loader Scale Tablet automated login.

  • Loader Scale Tablet Single touch to Load processing.

  • Zero learning curve because we employ your existing Loader Scale hardware.

  • Zero radio chatter because demand is on screen.

  • Simplifies the Loader Scale and its 20 plus keypad into just five functional buttons of Add and Delete Bucket, Complete Load (Short Total), Warm Up, and Check Zero functions.

  • Online and Offline Capability.

  • Reduces Loader Times to Load by not having to record customer, vehicle, hauler, order, product, and destination into the Loader Scale device prior to loading.


WZBulk is the mobile counterpart of WZWeigh. Using the Pre-Entry toolset, Dispatch plans and schedules jobs to either vehicles or employees.

The tablet is turned on with button ignition and transport operators are welcomed to the Pre-Entry Grid. Security determines auto-login when a tablet is assigned to a specific vehicle or employee or alternatively, a password is required where employees alternate between vehicles.

Operators can slide right to left to view all column detail within the Pre-Entry Grid. Transaction Notes are shown inside a pop-up window, (if applicable,) on transaction (touch) selection. This in turn processes the Pre-Entry transaction to WZBulk’s Entry Weigh window awaiting button Start. Concluding two tablet, button touches for driver and job acceptance.   

The time clock (whether time, tonnage and more billling) starts automatically with the transaction reported with a Collection status meaning, on route for pick-up.



The Onsite Grid of WZBulk (all applications) consists of three user-defined time statuses, commonly set as  Collection, Dispatched and Returning.  

All WZBulk Grid’s are User customisable; row height, column width, font size including field positioning and visibility. The upper Buttons Bar offers labels, button descriptions and access customisation so to satisfy the most varying and diverisified transport  operations. 

The Load Screen is opened on touch of the Onsite transaction. Operators need only input the net weight and (if applicable) supplier docket numbers. 

Recording multiple loads per any single transaction is easy as is working across or between customers and jobs either singulary or simultaneously.  Complimented with Notes, Break Time and docket Snapshot functionality there is no paper

On Load Screen save drivers are returned to the Onsite Grid ready for the job (button) Completion.  



The technology you use impresses no one.

The experience you create with it is everything.

The Tablet & Transport Operator

Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller you’re part of the road.

Key Features:
  • Digital and complete communication from Dispatch to Transport Operators, vehicle drivers.
  • An easy user friendly interface offering minimal BIG button touches with large clean and clear pick-up and delivery detail.
  • Routine and Repition;
    • Regardless of Deliver Only, Deliver and Supply and Supply Only invoice configurations it’s the same operator process.
    • On-Run, Multi-Job; with or without time, tonnage, cubic metre, bales, hectares; multiple units of measure combinations; it’s the same operator process.
  • Onscreen visibility of today’s and (optionally) tomorrow’s jobs.
  • Work On and Offline unimpeded and without software errors.
  • Dispatch to Driver and vice versa Status, Notes, Net Weight, Load Counts and more, connected digital communication. 

Beyond the initial job/order your customers often request “one last load of xyz material and/or a final tip off of clean fill” to complete the job. The New Job button provides transport operators the ability to create new jobs on the fly.

Features Include: 

  • Defaulted Transaction Recall
  • New customer specific Job/Order Reference creation.
  • New time billing, tonnage or other Destination detail creation.
  • Notes creation.


The Tolls button is an any materials ancillary button enabling operators to create additional charges such as toll charges to a running clients’ job.

Ancillary charge examples include pallet, bin loading or unloading charges, call-out fees for cancelled jobs, even consignment stock loading charges or disposal  charges, where feedstock coming into the site are not fit for purpose.

The button label is user-defined as is the ancillary charge material/service selection. Operators simply touch the approriate charge material or service (button) with the running job to be charged where it’s ready to be invoiced.


Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.


From just two months of Go-Live we’ve had 100% uptake with all 30 drivers/operators and because we are averaging in excess of 3000 transactions per month I am extremely confident of our future under WZWeigh, with WrightZone.


We commissioned WrightZone to implement a paper free system which meant bi-directional digital communication between our loader operators, truck drivers and Office Staff.

WrightZone have delivered. They listened; understood our needs.


Reliance on paper and driver memory is completely removed with WZBulk. Vehicle hire on a tablet for time and tonnage jobs with intergated export into Xero is seriously just too easy and timeless.


Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.



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WZBulk from WrightZone Includes:


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