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A Six Year Story.. 

Welcome to the WrightZone if you’re new to our site and software. Our first blog of 2022 tells a short story of history. We’re celebrating 6 years of commercial software in the quarrying, waste, agriculture, mining and metals, weighing industries.  Enterprise metrology software that brings weighbridges, loaders and loader scales, logic controllers, trucks and transport and more, into one cohesive peice of software; WZWeigh. Weighing industry software and solutions.

WrightZone Limited was established in 2002 well before we recognised our passion for primary industry and while 6 years is still very young we feel its an important milestone in our history. Our origins began with business and software consulting as our primary market offering which remains the foundation of who we are today. Committed Consultants.

We developed and built the WZPlugin and WZServices applications in 2011 delivering real-time integration between bespoke systems. In November 2013 we started our committment to the build of WZWeigh (formally WrightZone Weighbridge). After months of market reaseach we identified a market gap and therefore opportunity that didn’t and mostly today still doesn’t exist, enterprise metrology software.

Weighbridge Software in 2022 accompanied with our internet of things see’s anything built prior to 2005 as very old technology sometimes described as crude; without multi-user, multi-site, multi-location, multi-anything really. Few offered invoice production and Xero wasn’t a big thing until around 2016 which in part, has been a big driver of the increasing demand for API’s today.

WZWeigh was commercially released with Go-Live in December of 2015 for Smythes and Brookby Quarries whom remain advocates of our software and services today.  In June 2016 we attended our first  QuarryNZ Conference in Blenheim – an annual industry event that concieved the birth of WZLoad, our Loader Scales Software. Concluding there is so much more to primary industry than just weighbridges.Loader Scales Software

Loader Scales – From Loadrite’s (many models) and TopCon’s RDS Alpha 100 and 10 (supplied by Position Partners) to our most recent connection with Terra Cat’s loader scales in 2021 our pride is in being, loader scale systems, device agnostic. For our mutual customers business advantage.

In 2018 we were intergrating (PLC’s) programmable logic controllers and (RFID) radio frequence identification devices that still remain intergral, in achieving automation. In 2022 the common conversation is that of ANPR (automated number plate recognition) gate and traffic light controls with intergrated and automated invoice production to accounting systems of XERO, MYOB, CIN7, SIMPRO, Business Central and a plythora of others. This is Industry 4.0 our fourth industrial revloution and it’s very exciting. But before we talk about the future we must first celebrate the past because the past prepares us, for the future.



WZWeigh V4.0 realeased;


After 2 years of deadicated development;

  • Minor fixes with a range of moderate enhancements. 2 large sites successfully operational.
  • Added MYOBSync (an invoice compare toolset ensuring a match between the operational (WZWeigh) and (MYOB,) accounting software applications.
  • Added Resource Consent Compliance Grid reporting through to traffic management capability.
  • Added intercompany ccapability and facility.
  • Released POSWeigh (unmanned weighbridge software).


  • WZLoad passes Proof of Concept design and development stages.  

WZWeigh V5.0 realeased;


  • Added Custom Groups; offering sort and filter functionality by user-defined criteria.
  • Added Security controls with complete Audit tracking of transactional edits.

AUGUSTPre-Entry is released.

  • Added MS Outlook styled transport planning and scheduling; bookings management.


  • Production and release of XEROSync (an invoice compare toolset between systems) and API invoice export with three methods of Live, Schedule or (button click) Manual.
  • WZLoad is in Beta – Live testing and client evaluation.

WZWeigh V6.0 realeased;


  • Added Inventory/Materials Management with Stock-on-Hand (positive and negative adjustment) capability, availabity and reporting.
  • Added Forecasting Management with Demand and Production, capability.
  • Added POSWeigh (Unmanned Weighbridge Software) processing templates.
  • WZLoad (as soley loader scales software) is commercially released and WZWeigh intergrated.


  • Expanded configuration capability to enable loader scales with and/or without and/or only weighbridge  processing.
  • Off and online functional.

SEPTEMBER – Programmable Logic Controller intergration for POS and WZWeigh applications.

  • Weighbridge Semi-trailer truck and Compartment loading.
  • Live on-screen outdoor weighbridge gross or net weight loading. Displayed on a windows seven inch tablet.
  • POSWeigh general feature and function enhancements.
  • SQL based API’s added for bespoke software.


  • WZComm and Scale Administrator applications are enhanced for dual single scale weighbridge configurations.
  • POSWeigh is enhanced with button Master/Slave PLC and Dual Single Weighbridge configurations. 
  • WZLoad configurations continue to grow;
    • Physical Scale, User Set, Manual and Save Only modes.
    • Operator logins are added for multiple operators using the one loader. General feature and function enhancements continue.
    • Added transaction edit capability.
    • Added a (tablet) horn sound when vehicles’ pass over the weighbridge.

WZWeigh V6.9 realeased;

MARCH – WrightZone is recognised as a Top 10 Metals & Mining  Sofware and Solutions provider by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine.

  • WZWeigh is released with its most significant UI (user inteface) update since its conception.
  • Added Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID) and capability.
  • Analytics is released in Beta.
  • Added WZScheduler (Pre-Entry) multi-threading and Fetch functionality offering significant speed and performance improvements.
  • WZLoad delivers data-over-radio proof of concept.


  • Added Customer stock-on-hand (load-in versus load-out) Summary Balances.
  • Transport costings are expanded to determine and report on transaction load-in (positive adjustment) versus load-out (negative adjustment) material sales transactions.
  • Added average material costing capability to be recognised; at the time of sale, at the time of production or combined.
  • Added Default (pit or pick-up) per material, location settings.
  • POSWeigh casual (cash sale) pick-up or dumping button driven template processing.
  • WZLoad offers (SSL) Secure Socket Layer communication between wide and local area network communications.


  • Added seperate tare weights for truck only, trailer only and truck and trailer vehicle configurations under the one vehicle ID.
  • Added Customer Default Price Books so to automatically apply advanced pricing to any new Job/Order created.
  • WZLoad;
    • Added inter-loader processing. Where an order created by one loader is available for processing (with syncronisation) on another.
    • Added Target Weight input for operators per truck or trailer and/or combined; systematically recalled per vehicle ID.  

WZWeigh V7.3 realeased;


  • Added eReporting (Stage 1), offering the automated emailing of MS Excel spreadsheets per current day, yesterday, last 1-4 weeks and/or months with recurrence capability.
  • Added net and gross totals to per batch, invoice totals.
  • Added (Stage 1) of credit limits for MYOB clients.
  • WZLoad;
    • Added numerous user interface updates improving usability.
    • Added Supply Only versus Supply and Deliver and Delivery Always transport easier access operator configurations.


  • UI updates across applications offering a modern 2020 look and feel. 
  • Added Find functionality offering a Google search across all transactions with automated hide of irrelavant Find results.
  • Added total and percentage of monthly revenue graphics for Customer and Materials Maintenance Navigation Grids.
  • Added Pre-Entry Scheduler improvements being upto 250 times faster.
  • eReporting (stage 2) realease offering a range of usability and automation improvements.
  • Added invoice import into Xero with Xero ‘Catagories’ tracking and per material General Ledger account posting.
  • WZLoad updated with a Buttons Bar offering fully customisable button(s) Options and Access, with user-defined button labeling and descriptions.

SEPTEMBER – WrightZone meets Authorised Software Publisher, Certification Status.

  • Added XML Accounts Receivable invoice export as Accounts Payable invoice import for our clients, customers benefit.
  • Delivered Credit Limits (stage 2) for MYOB clientelle. Offers weighbridge operators Live; Current, 1 – 4 months Overdue and Future Balance tracking accompanied with precentage of credit used and overdue limit Entry Weigh notifications.
  • Xero API is migrated from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0.
  • WZLoad;
    • Added vehicle setup functionality and user-defined on-screen, operator instruction.
    • Added additional transaction settings and all feedback enhancement requests.

WZWeigh was built on the Traffic Light System from inception.

Well before we had COVID and/or our New Zealand Government thought this was a good idea,

Get Ready – It’s Pre-Entry.

Go – Completed Entry Weigh

Stop – Exit Weigh

WZWeigh V7.9 realeased;


  • Added transport time billing functionality that is accompanied with a new Transporting (reporting) Grid.
  • Added (ANPR) Automated Number Plate Recognition API’s.
  • Added drill-down to load/bucket counts from a completed transaction.
  • Updates to the Invoice Maintenance Grid layout for transport consolidated and seperated invoice time billing.
  • Updates for the Resourcing Grid so to include transport delivered tonnes per hour calculations.
  • WZBulk V3.5 release. (Being WZLoad in Transport Mode with transport specific functionality and configuration.)
    • Addded UI improvements from on-screen keyboard access to Find (google search) functionality.


  • Added Snapshot IP Camera, API’s and functionality to all applications.
  • Added ANPR vehicle Log Only options for i.e. staff and courier vehicle entry into the site.
  • Added cross-company and multi-company API invoice export. Per WZWeigh profit centre and Xero Company.
  • Added bucket/load count and net weight editing functionality to the Transporting Grid.
  • Added functional updates for pick-up location and CMO or Release Number invoice referencing.
  • Minor to moderate enhancements of Operations and Dispatch Grids. 
  • WZBulk/Load V3.6;
    • Increased weighbridge/loader seperated and combined scale modes.
    • Increased syncronisation modes; On Start-Up, Shut-Down and combined, Manual and Automated Sync.
    • Added domain name connectivity between the WZBulk/Load database and WZWeigh database.


  • Production and release of WZCIN7 API and CIN7Sync.
  • Added WZWeigh multi and concurrent, accounting software, API connectivity.
  • Added Contacts’ forms and functionality.
  • Added (Stage 1) (BOM) Bill of Materials or manufacturing capability.
  • WZBulk/Load;
    • BOM Recipes are available for operator onscreen instruction.


  • Added transaction colour coding based on date to the Pre-Entry Planning Grid.
  • Added Time Disabled as a Default Option to be set against particular materials.
  • Added Implement Description (for agricultral contractors) to be included within invoice export.
  • Added Fixed Price per bucket/load functionality and Default Net Weight settings for fixed priced materials.
  • WZBulk/Load;
    • Added large colour coded transport transaction display including (with security permitting) customer contact information.
    • Added transport or loader ancillary charges functionality. Delivers tolls, consignment or reject stock, pallet or bin loading, unloading additional charges.
    • Added tablet intergrated camera capability for aggregate supplier docket photo capture synced back to WZWeigh.

Congratulations if you’re still with us 6 years on and/or nearing the end of this blog…

The beer and wine is poured on the V8 version of WZWeigh.

WZWeigh V8.0

The V8 realease of WZWeigh can be expected around mid-February 2022 and goes well beyond weighbridge or loader scales, trucks or transport tablets and acronyms of ANPR, PLC, RFID and API’s. WrightZone is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Manufacturing the WZWeigh software for primary industry is our business and your expertise.       

The WZWeigh V8 2022 teaser…..

Per Material, User Defined, Units of Measure: 

  • Buy and sell in; tonnes, litres, cubic metres, hectares and/or whole units. Any, all weights and/or measures.
  • Automated conversion calculations; sell in tonne and docket print the metres cubed conversion or vice versa.

Contact and/or Customer Quoting;

  • Advanced Pricing simultaneous (single-click) Customer(s) Price Book, PDF formated quotes.  
  • Contact addressed special transport and/or material pricing. 
  • Unit of Measure i.e. tonne and metres cubed combined quote facility.

Generic and Unique:

  • Windows 11 look and feel.
  • Grid row and/or cell hot tracking. 
  • In-Cab gate and light controls. 
  • Employee start/finish and break time capture with automated reporting.
  • Transport volume, customer quantity discounts. 

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