About WZ


WrightZone, established in 2002 and built on a foundation of sincerity, respect, commitment and trust, focuses on providing affordable software solutions that increase your sales, reduce costs, and automate your business processes and systems. We provide custom software development and consulting services employing the tried and true 4D methodology: Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy.

Our Resolve

WrightZone is committed to improving our clients’ business

WrightZone resolves to provide solutions that make your unique business more efficient. Growing our solutions with you as your business excels and your needs change.

Just ask our clients:

“Stable operation, ease of customisation to meet the peculiarities of each site, support during operating hours, future proofing for expansion to allow greater use of data automation, strength of the vendor and its personnel.”
John Shea CFO Kaipara Quarries.

Our Offering

Software services and software development that deliver CLEAR results
A team of motivated innovators with pride and passion for delivering smart software solutions that make businesses more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

Our Software Service

Software is only as good as the service and support behind it

WrightZone services on software? Measurable reduced operating costs and overheads with automation and integration of company business processes and systems. WrightZone works with you to plan and manage the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) ensuring the best software for your business with future-proofing in-mind. Our commitment is long term complimented with trust and respect offering mutual benefit on all WrightZone software and services on software.

Our success is measured by the quality of our professional service.

Our Software Development

A 4D methodology of Define, Design, Develop and Deploy that makes our software smarter, faster, more efficient, and easier to use

We work with and for you on business competitive edge and advantage. We design, develop, build, integrate, and maintain existing and/or new software. Our expertise in business process provides the necessary confidence to either improve on existing software or re-invest in the new, and/or build application interfaces (API’s) so to combine best of breed software applications. Our 4D methodology of Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy delivers business software applications that are functional, user-friendly and more importantly drives business efficiency that increases profitability.

Industry Expertise

Because we know your industry, market, products, and providers, we deliver CLEAR Results.

Committed consulting your software success.

Long-standing relationships with key industry players.

Experience and knowledge of technologies for industry.

Applications integration for automation and increased productivity.

Recycling, Waste, Aggregate, Agriculture, Mining and Metals weighing industry solutions.

Our History

Conceived in 2002, WrightZone has over 15 years of research and development experience in enterprise hardware and software system solutions. 2012 saw the garage doors open with the manufacturing of the WrightZone API’s and middleware. Growing on our success, knowledge and passion of primary industry, WrightZone’s Weighbridge Software was production ready and released to market in 2015. 

Our Leader

Aaron Wright

PH: 021 978963

Aaron Wright-St Clair leads the company with the preffered title of Committed Consultant. From Waikato University to senior management at The Warehouse with onwards roles of Business Development in marketing and information technology – It was 10 years in enterprise resource planning software until redundacy as Australasian BDM during the GFC of 2007 – 2009 that created a change in personal direction and therefore passion.

Through strong past and peer relationships WrightZone was succesfully operating as a business software, consultancy company.  Then, a little luck, accompanied with market research and development Aaron identified a gap in the market or identified a market, that didn’t otherwise exist – Enterprise Metrology Software. 

WrightZone International Limited was founded in 2016 in luie of global recognition and opportunity retaining the principals and philosophies of WrightZone Limited (2002).