Quarrying & Mining Magazine is featuring our excellent software integration with Longburn Shingles Co. in their Contractor 2018 January Perspectives annual magazine.

We worked closely with Longburn company director, Phil Gordon, to automate their weighbridge and streamline processes, so their employees can work smarter, not harder.

All it took was one demonstration of our superior loader scales software, and Longburn was convinced, that WrightZone could deliver everything they need.


Longburn needed weighbridge software that could satisfy these 3 criteria:

  1. Execute an unmanned weighbridge with clear and concise instruction between truck drivers, even non-account customers and the loader(s).
  2. Create efficiency by reducing load times, work smarter not harder, and enable access to key operational data, easily, from anywhere.
  3. Integrate our Quarry Management Software of choice with our existing accounting application, Xero.

– Excerpt From Q&M Article

WrightZone’s loader scales software delivers on all 3 criteria, and then some.

“They wanted to deliver a really good solution for us – they asked us what our best-case solution would be, and never said it couldn’t be done. WrightZone enhanced their product over and above the standard software to give us exactly what we wanted.”

We ensure that not only does our system integrate to suit all your needs, but the integration process itself is seamless. Rolling out new software can be overwhelming, but our committed consultants are experts at developing and executing your software solution.

“Aaron and the team at WrightZone have been great. They were always available – either on the phone or on-site – and did everything they could to make the rollout easy. Their support has been fantastic.”

Our customer-focused support team gets it right, from the start. We plan each step and follow-through with checks and balances to ensure that your new software is working perfectly.

WrightZone loader scales tablet software comes standard with:

  • Online and offline entry and exit processing for loaders
  • Interoperability for manned or unmanned weighbridge operations
  • Data and analysis between weighbridge and loader scale devices
  • Real-time instruction of product, order, and target weight per truck, trailer, or both, direct to the loader’s tablet

We can also easily customize our software to fit your unique needs. Let WrigthZone take your business to the next level, just like we did for Longburn.

“We’ve got more than we hoped for. On the technological side, this has taken our business further ahead than we could have ever imagined – we’ve gone from somewhere where there’s been no change in process for 35 years, to having one of the most sophisticated, user friendly, weighbridge systems in the country.”

Check out our Longburn Shingles Co. success story on Q&M HERE. Or open the Full Article HERE.