Weighing scales (or weigh scales or scales) are devices to measure weight or calculate mass and in New Zealand your weighing and measuring equipment must be accurate when used for trade. Under the Weights and Measures Act 1987 your weighing or measuring equipment must be of an approved type and be verified and stamped.

Trading Standards (an operational unit in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) issues a certificate for each type to state that it will not facilitate fraud, and is suitable for trade use. Before any equipment can be used, it must be tested and verified as correct by a Trading Standards Officer or an Accredited Person (AP). For the weighing industry being forestry, waste management, mining, metals, agriculture and maritime industries, compliance is key to continued successful operations.

The challenge for many organisations large or small is the capturing of this weighing data from multiple devices such as the Weighbridge Scale and/or the Loader Scales in the most simplistic of examples. Then business owners have to consolidate this data into a single repository for analysis and comparison which in turn can be used to evaluate and identify where business efficiencies can be gained so to increase productivity and financial profitability.

What is Pre-Entry?

Pre-Entry is about future planning and Bookings Management. Pre-Entry allows users to book and plan Customer Orders, Haulers, Products; Supply Only or Supply and Deliver transaction detail for today and/or future dates. Pre-Entry is a role and function to be completed by the General Manager or accounts staff responsible for taking enquiries on Jobs or Forward Orders. Administration Users record this data directly into your weighbridge software where on the day they were scheduled both the Loader Driver or Truck Driver can select (via their role and tailored POS Terminal software) the Pre-Entry transaction, with optionally all but the Vehicle ID to be selected. On Pre-Entry save the vehicle is Onsite, ready for Loader Scale LOAD.

Loader Scale Weighbridge Scale Point of Sale Software

What is Onsite save? Pre-Entry processing is not completed with weighing scales hence the term Pre-Entry. Onsite save is a process achieved easily, quickly and smartly using a scale-house operator being manned operations with or without a weighbridge or a POS (Point of Sale) terminal for the truck or loader driver with a combination of device and user processing methods.

Transaction processing methods include:

  • Loader Scale, Loader Driver POS
  • POS Point of Sale, scale-house operated and/or unmanned with and without combination Truck Driver POS.
  • Weighbridge Scale (Truck Scale) vehicle tare weight capture via the scale-house and/or unmanned Truck Driver POS operation.

With any metrology or scale software solution the choices are about the dynamics of the business which means firstly utilising and extending the capability of existing hardware without re-investment. And software, needs to work for you not the other way around hence its important the design or choice in your software solution can accommodate the business dynamics out of the box without customisation (sampled below).

Loader Scale Software

WZLoad – Loader Scale

Loader Scale Combinations:

  • Pre-Entry + POS Load Onsite + Load + POS Load Exit
  • POS Load Onsite + Load + POS Load Exit
  • Pre-Entry + POS Onsite + Load + POS Exit
  • POS Onsite + Load + POS Exit
  • Pre-Entry + WB POS Onsite + Load + WB POS Exit
  • WB POS Onsite + Load + WB POS Exit
Loader Scale Weighbridge Scale Point of Sale Software

WZPOS – Point of Sale

Point of Sale Scale Combinations:

  • Pre-Entry + POS Onsite + Load + POS Exit
  • POS Onsite + Load + POS Exit
  • Pre-Entry +  POS Load Onsite + Load + POS Load Exit
  • POS Load Onsite + Load + POS Load Exit
  • POS Load Onsite + Load + POS Exit
  • Pre-Entry + WB POS Onsite + Load + WB POS Exit
  • WB POS Onsite + Load + WB POS Exit
  • WB POS Onsite + Load + Load POS Exit
Weighbridge Software

WZWB – Weighbridge Scale

Weighbridge Scale Combinations:

  • Pre-Entry + WB POS Onsite + WB POS Exit
  • WB POS Onsite + WB POS Exit
  • Pre-Entry + WB POS Onsite + Load + WB POS Exit
  • WB POS Onsite + Load + WB POS Exit

Offering global visibility by site and scale delivers management the capability to quickly identify opportunities for improvement. Metrics measure the performance of the Loader Scale net weight versus the Weighbridge Scale net weight, tonnes per hour (TPH) across multiple or individual loaders; truck driver Target weight versus loader driver Loaded weight, Consent Management movement counts and so much more.

The Pre-Entry toolset means production planning and forecasting and is achieved easily with copy and paste, for scale-house operators. Job on-the-fly creation and load-out priority listing is standard ensuring accuracy and ease for any driver. A Scale Software Solution where the rubber really does meet the road.

To learn more about the WrightZone Weighbridge solution contact us or check out our YouTube channel for our demonstration videos.

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