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Just as WZWeigh (formally WZ Weighbridge) can be described as weighbridge software, truck scale software, loader scales software or, in more recent times, material management software (MMS); regardless of the description or searchability; WZWeigh is an agnostic, enterprise metrology software solution, designed by and for, the weighing industry.

Within this blog we’re excited to tease some of the new features and function within the official release of WZWeigh V6.5.

Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA), Business Key Performance Indicators (KPI), defines a means of transaction graphical views; inclusive within WZWeigh V6.5.





The WZWeigh Analytics tool set is available to all system Administrators allowing for individual or group publication, of analytics data using Area, Pie, Column, Bar, Line and Stacked diagrams.

The design of each diagram or graph, is achieved via drag and drop of the fields you want to report, from inside a Pivot Grid. As each field is dragged into the Data Area, X or Y axes your diagram is instantly updated. Including choice of expanding or collapsing sub groups within your data set.

Once a diagram is saved and self titled with a name and description it’s optionally added to a Graphing Group and Workflow Desktop(s).

Drag & Drop and then, optionally detail your own diagrams.

WZLoad delivers the possibility of having the Loader Driver run the entire site/quarry from directly inside his Loader Cab.

Like no other Loader Scales Software, optionally the Loader can complete Entry and Exit Weigh using the weighbridge.


Weighbridge Scale Entry Weigh

With transaction recall all data is defaulted including target weights and the vehicle ID, is tared onsite via the weighbridge.

The loader loads and before the docket is printed optionally the loader driver can edit Job/Order, Product and Destination data should it be applicable. 

Weighbridge Scale Exit Weigh

The vehicle returns to the weighbridge for gross weight, site exit and docket production. 

Weighbridge Scale Exit Weigh Only

An excellent option for landfill sites or Cleanfill transaction types.

Loader completes Exit Weigh capturing the gross weight from the weighbridge and using transaction recall to default all data; includes the vehicles’ stored tare weight. 

Optionally a new Entry Weigh transaction can be completed there and then where the vehicle is both unloading and wanting to be loaded. 

Loader Scales Entry

Vehicle drives directly to the pit ready for loading.

Loader Driver selects the vehicle ID, with transaction data systematically recalled. Vehicle is loaded as per the recalled target weights with Loader Driver available to edit transaction detail if applicable.  

Weighbridge Exit Weigh

Vehicle exits via the weighbridge, with tare weights’ recalled.


Weighbridge Scale Entry 

Vehicles are tared onsite via the weighbridge. Transaction recall defaults all data including target weights.

The vehicle moves to the pit ready for loading but the weighbridge is queued or back logged with vehicles.

Loader Scales Exit 

Loader Driver exits the vehicle directly producing a net weight only docket.  


WZLoad tablet and ticket production includes a rugged mobile bluetooth printer with 80mm wide paper allowing full print of transaction data that includes cash sale billing (from, inside the loader cab) or, printing to a network docket printer located near the weighbridge. 

Loader Scales Software that delivers visibility and processing of Weighbridge Scales. 

WZBulk delivers Bulk Haul Profit Centre, Supply and Deliver cost and price invoicing.

An Outlook styled Scheduler now with multi-threading, delivers application speed with on-the-fly planning and transnational scheduling edits. Updated to your logistics fleet. And communicated via 3G/4G, Wifi or Radio, with Offline efficiency and synchronization.


Dispatch, Logistics Manager completes the planning and scheduling in WZWeigh (above). Bulk Haul truck drivers, start their engines with WZBulk (installed in a tablet) displaying each drivers’ planned vehicle movements for the day (below).

Location refers to the aggregate source being a quarry typically but, can be used to reference the landfill source in addition. Destination is the end point or delivery address.

Your logistics and transport Supply and Deliver and Deliver only, price and costing; is all managed within WZWeigh, easily.  

The planning is done. WZBulk like no other truck scale software connects to any and all site weighbridges in the example above Hunua Quarry, Brookby Quarry and so on. Should the pick-up location not have a weighbridge (and therefore is Loader, and Loader Scales only meaning net weight only) WZBulk allows direct input; including referencing the originating site, docket number. 

Truck driver, touches the Pre-Entry transaction scheduled by the Dispatch Manager and on doing so collects the vehicles tare weight from the sites’ weighbridge (below). Where a Pre-Entry transaction is not available, the truck driver can create his own with just two tablet touches.      

WZBulk all inclusive within WZWeigh is designed to allow real-time creation of invoicing for bulk haulage companies, seamlessly. WZBulk removes the excel spreadsheet dependencies distributed by aggregate suppliers because as each vehicle enters and exits, or exits only with or without a weighbridge; Bulk Haul transaction data is Live and ready for customer invoicing.   

We hope you have enjoyed the brief on version updates of WZWeigh V6.5. New Zealand owned and operated..

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