The QuarryNZ Conference for 2018, held in Hamilton at the Claudelands Showgrounds between the 18th and 20th July 2018, now complete with participation being the outstanding success enjoyed by all. WrightZone takes pride in being an exhibitor; the annual catch-up with industry players; the Gough Cat Opening Night Dinner through to a Casino Royale themed, TransDiesel Volvo Awards and dinner, for conference closure, the three day event always memorable and worth every one dollar of the ten it takes to be there.

If you know the WZ you’ll know our history;

  • At the 16 Conference “….preference for loader scale hardware that could receive and send over the local network…”
  • At the 17 Conference we introduced Loader Scale and Loader Scales Software, (tablet technology)
  • At the 18 Conference, we delivered weighbridge, tare, gross and net weight processing for our Loader Drivers offering turnkey visibility, access and function to all site scales.


Our design delivers a unique capability of allowing the Loader Driver to run the yard, quarry or site from directly inside his cab and with any configuration, being Loader and Weighbridge Scale and/or exclusively as Loader Scale only or Weighbridge only. All inclusive Entry and Exit, and/or Exit only configurations.

Tablet Tech & Loader Scales – WZLoad Configuration Modes 

LD (Loader) Only Mode:

  1. Entry and Exit processing is completed via the Loader with docket production. (Net weight only).
  2. Scale House WB Entry offering instruction; Loader Loads, with Scale House WB Exit. (Tare, gross and net weights.)
  3. POS Weigh Entry, Loader Loads, POS Weigh Exit with docket production. (Net weight only).

WB (Weighbridge) Only Mode:

  1. Tablet is plugged into the Weighbridge;
    i. Unmanned WB Entry and Exit or Exit Only processing is the reality. (Works in a similar way to POS Weigh) only achieved via a tablet, where power consumption and internet connectivity are real world, site constraints.
  2.  WB Exit Only;
    i. Seamless dumping (or waste) transactions’ type capability. As the vehicle is entered on the tablet it’s exited and at the same time, within a single process.

WB (Weighbridge Scales) and LD (Loader Scales) Mode:

  1. Offers WB only and LD Only modes, in combination; delivering all the configuration(s) capability of manned, unmanned, even semi-manned operations from inside the Loader.

“Now the loader knows the customer name, the time they entered the quarry, the tare weight of their truck, the product they want and how much of it. And once it’s loaded, the info is exported and synchronized into our accounting system, with Xero ready for invoicing.”

Phil Gordon

Director, Longburn Shingle Company Limited


  • Winstone Aggregates Saftey Award – Miners Road (Fulton Hogan)
  • Southern Cross Engineering Rocktec Innovation Award – Richard Miller
  • Lyn Jordan Memorial Trophy – Craig Hendry
  • R D Hassed Memorial Trophy – Murray Smith
  • Porter Equipment Quarry Leadership Award – Brain Bouzaid
  • WorkSafe Chief Inspectors Saftey Leadership Award – Orica NZ
  • Honorary Fellow Award – Trevor Tamblyn
  • AJ & RJ Loader Shield – SAECOWilson

Congratulations to all award nominees & recipients of the Institute of Quarrying New Zealand.