WZ Out Pine Harbour Case Study


The sale of one company requires migrating the company’s data into new software applications.


WZ Out ODBC User Terminal.


A toolset allowing easy copy and paste and a permanent historic repository of data readily accessible from the point and time of takeover.

The Existing owners were using one ERP to manage the operations of Pine Harbour in addition to another 20 plus companies and after evaluation of options the new owners had no preference for this ERP product but as per the terms of any sale and purchase agreement the data needed to be handed on.


  1. Extract data from old ERP using the old ERP’s ODBC Toolset.
  2. Deliver data including relationships into a SQL Relational database and associated application in order to have user-friendly data manipulation, reporting, viewing, querying as well as seamless MS Excel integration. Potential uses or users of data include:
    1. As a business analytics toolset for the new owners
    2. Recreate the existing ERP data for the new owners in either the same or a new ERP provider
    3. Recreate the existing ERP data in a SQL database for easy extraction and integration into a new SQL based accounting/marina operations system of choice.

Primary Objectives:

  1. To manufacturer (WZ Out) ‘WrightZone ODBC User Terminal’ Software.

Concluding in the following primary benefits:

  1. Ensures no confidential transactional data under the current owner is available in any way to the new Marina owners.
  2. Delivers related and relevant data only (at Pine Harbour’s discretion) to new Marina owners in a format offering ease of integration for external (or new) systems providers in the most popular relational database model.
  3. User installs WZ Out following basic instructions with which to establish database connections. From this point data is extracted from the ERP, tables created; column and row headings imported with all associated data (including relationships) to create the WZOut Business Analytics Toolset of Pine Harbour’s Daily Operations.
  4. Removes the ERP SQL module investment (at approximately 10k) which offers a number of methods to support open access from ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) through to populating a data warehouse in Microsoft SQL Server® in real time.
  5. Delivers an Analytics Toolset for the new owners of all existing Pine Harbour’s operational data allowing them to obtain foresight, familiarity and/or understand how data and processes work together in order to make improvements.
  6. Pivot Grid Filtering, Reporting; Deliverables.
  7. WZXcel (64bit version) all-inclusive delivering a single click and single application with easy data manipulation and export for Microsoft Excel 2013 integration.