WZ ODBC User Terminal



  • Do you find it difficult to extract information from your existing product?
  • Are you forced to hire an overpriced “software consultant” every time a new reporting requirement is needed?
  • Can you easily access information or are there unnecessary restrictions to obtaining important data?
  • Are you stuck paying for expensive full usage licensing of an existing product when you only need “view only” access for new users?
  • Is your current reporting a simple flat file that is one dimensional?

If so, you need software the will work for you, not against you.


The WrightZone ODBC User Terminal core purpose is to extract data from one application and make this data available to one or multiple users for in-depth analysis.

Our WrightZone Weighbridge software has been accepted so well, that we took the best WZ Weighbridge UI features and delivered these features as part of a custom software project self-titled WZ Out. Little did we know or expect how large the demand for this product would and has become.


WZ OUT is ideal in the following situations:

  • If you are selling a business but the existing software is not included in the deal, or the new owners have their own preferred software.
  • You are migrating to a new software product and you require a point-in-time data back-up that can continue to be referenced as a back-stop.
  • You need to run parallel data of what was vs. data that is now.


We start your WZ Out custom project with a Scope of Service that offers everything you need to know about the project, your objectives, and outcomes. It’s this documentation that forms the foundation of your cost-effective software solution, and project success.


WZ Out plugs into you existing application via your Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). Your ODBC is a standard application programming interface (API) for accessing database management systems (DBMS).

When we plug in, we extract and write all tables, all fields, and their content to the WZ Out database.

Extract Update Data WrightZone

In the above example we extract data from the Greentree ERP system which is an objected orientated database (and more time consuming than the Standard SQL database) where all the relationships between Financials, Distribution, Job Cost and all Contact Relationship related Modules have been joined in WZ Out.

These joins allow us to create a Navigation Grid for Master records i.e. a Master record for a Customer adding tabs of Invoices and Receipts with the Header down to the line detail of each and every invoice.

We make and create joins that were not otherwise existing or easily accessible within your existing application which works in providing in-depth understanding and knowledge of information you didn’t even know existed.

Our WZ Out application is not business critical as per design it’s an Analytical Toolset for read only usage offering an efficient and fast integrated export of data from any application offering the ODBC API.

Once WZ Out has the data it can be offered to multiple Users via the WZ OUT client and therefore, accessed remotely. WZ Out can also be run locally as stand-alone. The choice is yours because it’s your data. You own it and what you do with it and how you choose to distribute it is the business owner’s choice.



  • There are no annual maintenance fees.
  • There are no named or concurrent User licence fees.
  • There are no fees, just normal support rates when and if required.
  • You make your own reports slice and dice data in a way that you want with complete copy and paste to WZ Xcel or MS Excel.
  • Simple and sophisticated reporting, customise, sort, and filter reports for detailed and accurate analysis based information that is important to your business.
WZXCEL WrightZone


Under the hood of WZ Out we deliver an intuitive and friendly UI offering visibility of information that can often described as business intelligence.

This Video, sampled from our WZWB Software, highlights the key features of Customisable Reports, Hierarchical Values Arrangement, Automatic and Manually Specified Totals, Data Sorting and Displaying Top Rows, and Data Filtering that are also included in our WZ Out software.


WZ Out Application

Each WZ Out application is unique to every client as is their data. We help clients extract and access their data in a way that lets them analyse the data to their benefit. This forms the basis of our value add, not paying for what a client already owns.

Asset Management

Contract Management

Customer Management

Inventory Management

Relationship Management

Bookings Management