Agriculture is big industry in New Zealand contributing approximatley 5% (in excess of $10 billion) of our country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Readfields, located in the Bay of Plenty are Agricultural Contractors offering a plethora of services backed by the latest technology, top machinery and highly skilled operators.

Agriculture contracting, orchard contracting with civil engineering and earthworks aptitudes, Readfields is a company providing quality of service with full transparency of works completed.

With 30 staff and 14 tractors accompanied with implements of atom sprayers, roller seeders, combo bailers, mowers, graders, mulchers and harvesters. Cultivation works include; raking, mowing (single and double) teddering, parrow harrowing, seeding, discing, hay silage (rounds and squares) fine chopping and more. In addition to chemical spraying and complete orchard management their civil and earthworks division; includes bobcat graders, dozers, diggers, loaders and rollers, all too well complimented with bulk haul, trucks and trailers thus enusuring jobs completed; are on time and on, budget.

While its still very early into Readfields Go-Live (01st Oct 2021) under WZWeigh, we welcome the family owned and operated business of Readfields into the WrightZone.

We first met Bruce Read, Managing Director and his daughter Grace at the 2021 Quarry NZ Conference. Understanding the business being paper based, Bruce’s objective; “to go digital.” Save administration overhead in having operators select, process and complete thier own jobs on a tablet; in turn, creates the invoice for the customer.

Grace shedules the job under WZWeigh to each individual operator providing instruction of i.e. the applicable tractor and implement(s), the service/material, the address and start time. The most common units of measure for each (scheduled Pre-Entry) transaction, are per bale, per hectaire, tonne and of course, time.

Initialy we start with 6 operators and tablets at a time; staging the roll-out invoking a train the tranier philopshy. Operators simply accept the job (on the tablet) where the time clock starts, and if applicable; enter the approriate per bale, hectaire and tonne quanities. Break time capture (of mechanical through to lunch) as well as photo capture (of i.e. supplier dockets, paddock, fence or farm) all from part of the WZBulk tablet software, and solution.

The WZBulk (tablet) software works on and offline, with Grace fully informed of who, where, what and the stage, of an operators progress on any job “the visibilty of information is like an airline terminal; who’s coming in and out, jobs overdue and completed, its all there.

On operator job completion the invoice is systematically created. Readfields use Xero as thier accounting app of choice hence employ WZXeroSync offering the bi-directional syncing of Customers and Products with invoice export from WZWeigh, into Xero.

Readfields Quality of Service with full Transparency of Works Completed.

We remain excited about the opportunity Readfields offers WrightZone with discussions around future tablet innovations of; ISOBUS Intergration, Vehicle Pre-Start Inspections and so much more.